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80% Of Businesses For Sale…Never Sell¹

The common practice for business owners selling their business is through a business brokerage, for sale by owner, or a real estate agent.  Unfortunately, these methods historically have produced dismal results. 80% of businesses that are put up for sale…NEVER SALE! If the truth be known; 70% of small businesses are NOT SALABLE! Think about that for a minute; 4 out of 5 businesses for sale will never sale and 7 out of 10 are not even salable in the first place. Wouldn’t you want to know where your small business stands before you get on this emotional roller coaster?

Now do not expect traditional business brokers to be jumping up and down to tell you that news, they would hardly have any listings to post! The name of our firm Blue Collar Way, is exactly how we serve our clients.  Keeping things SIMPLE.  With 27 years of results starting, buying, building, and selling multiple businesses in different industries, creating procedures, processes and systems are the key to running a successful company.  Same goes selling your business.  Blue Collar Way’s proprietary business sales system provides simple methods that work to sell your business quickly, quietly and for MAXIMUM VALUE!

¹Forbes 2017 – Bizbuysell

Why Blue Collar Way?

Business Owners helping Business Owners

Have you ever heard the phrase “Nothing Happens until Somebody Sells Something”?  When it comes to selling your business, this could not be truer. If you are like most of us small business owners your business represents your largest asset besides your home and possibly a significant source of your retirement income. Do not roll the dice to see if your business will sell, that could prove to be the biggest mistake you ever make.

Blue Collar Way says it all.  No fancy meetings.  No Fancy 50-page template based irrelevant reports on your business.  Our sales strategy is simple.  Bring you qualified offers to buy your business quickly, quietly and for MAXIMUM VALUE. Offers mean nothing until you get the money in the bank. We have perfected this process so that you can focus on running and growing your business not dealing with endless requests for meetings, financials, customer lists, supplier lists and on and on with a prospect who will never buy in the first place.


100% Confidential

Our process begins with obtaining prospects to purchase your business. Each prospect completes a non disclosure agreement (NDA) prior to receiving any information.

Proven Sales System

Using our proprietary lead funnel system (LFS), we virtualy eliminate unecessary meetings and constant Q&A sessions with unqualified prospects. 

Stress Free

During the listing and contracting phase of your business sale, your business intermediary will guide the buyer through the contingency removal process to the successful closing of your sale.

News & Media

Blue Collar Way was featured in a segment about the “The Great Resignation” pertaining the challenges and opportunities that exist in today’s market.  Catch the interview here:

Recently featured on the Top M&A Entrepreneurs a podcast by Jon Stoddard.  Don shares his background in business acuisitons, growth, and successful exits that made him a multi-millionaire during his tenure.

About Blue Collar Way

Business & Real estate sales

Donald Ray Wilson

Business Intermediary

Donald Ray Wilson (Don) has started, bought, built, and sold ten business over a recent fifteen year period with annual revenues in the millions and profits in the hundreds of thousands. At one time he had seven retail locations operating with over 100 employees of which he led through his team which included his Son and ultimately his business partner. In each business many lessons were learned through what Don has coined the…try…fail…learn (TFL) strategy aka “the school of hard knocks”. These businesses were in financial product sales, mall-based retail, multi-unit franchised BBQ restaurant chain, gas station convenience store, multi-family, and commercial real estate with the final one an award-winning specialty remodeling company.

Don started with nothing; no fancy degree, no formal education just a burning desire to be somebody. It was at age 19 he realized that he needed a skill that he could use to have a chance at the American Dream. Since he lived and worked in Tulsa, Ok. at the time he noticed that the men that were doing well financially were employed at American Airlines working on aircraft. With the goal clear in his mind he joined the US Navy to obtain the training that he would need to become a licensed Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic for American Airlines. 


This journey took more time than he planned on but ultimately, he obtained his license and was hired by American Airlines after serving in the US Navy for ten years. The time spent in the US Navy was not wasted and Don was no slacker, earning rapid promotions through the ranks by excelling at every job that he was selectively placed in, he was highly regarded by the officers and men of every command he served in. While at American he became one of the top Idea men at the airline earning thousands of extra dollars by identifying ways to salvage aircraft components that were beyond repair. Through these efforts he was awarded the “Ideaa’s in Action Leadership Award” every year while employed at the airline.

It was during this time that Don realized no matter how much money he saved the company his job was not safe and his earning ability was dictated by people who only looked at him as a number, #318034 to be exact and a line item on a report. His new goal was now to be a business owner, the boss where no one could ever put their thumb on his neck and tell him what to do and how much he could earn! His results are and have been extraordinary. Today Don is financially independent living the American dream in southwest Florida. He is currently writing a book which details step by step what he did and how you can do the same.

If you are serious about selling your business now, you will not find a more knowledgeable, results driven, hands-on business intermediary than Don Wilson, period! He has done what your wanting to do and he has been extremely successful at it multiple times.



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