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Initial Steps to sell your business

Find out and understand the current value of your business.

Business owners are often misinformed on the value of their business, which leads to an unfeasible/unobtainable sale price that will result in little to NO qualified buyers.

Develop a strategy to maximize the sale price for your business.

Having key systems in place are very important for a successful and profitable business.  Same goes for selling your business, Blue Collar Way utilizes it’s proprietary system to create a business marketing package that is attractive to qualified buyers.

Integrate your strategy and continue to operate your business.

Once the best strategy is implemented it is imperative that the business operations continue without interruptions.  We work discretely to package, market, and sell your business quickly, quietly and for the maximum value.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get My Free Business Valuation?

Simply complete our confidential business questionnaire (CBQ) to initiate the valuation.

How Long Does It Take?

After all requested information has been received it should take no more than 24-48 hours to provide you an estimated current value of your company.

Is My Information Secure?

All information received is secure using the latest infosec systems, none of your information will be sold. 

How Our Process Works

1) Onboarding

Upon your review of the Free Business Valuation (FBV) followed up with a Q&A with our Business Intermediary the next step is an engagement of our services. After approval by all parties the information gathering phase of the listing agreement begins. This information is the foundation of your Confidential Business Marketing Package (CBMP). 

2) Virtual Showing

Unlike traditional business brokers we create as part of your (CBMP) a virtual business showing (VBS). This saves you a massive amount of time by not having to be asked the same questions over and over again by prospective buyers that probably will not buy your business. This one piece of our (CBMP) will make selling your business more enjoyable, less stressful and ultimately more profitable! 

3) Market listing

We then produce multiple marketing pieces to be utilized in the various market mediums that we place advertising in. Our ad copy writers know what it takes to get the maximum amount of responses from qualified buyers. The vast majority of buyer prospects are not qualified to purchase your business for numerous reasons, mainly financial. 

4) Automated Technology

After selling many businesses over the years we created our proprietary lead funnel system (LFS) that weeds out the tire kickers, time wasters, and chronic lookers. We developed this system using the most up to date digital technologies available. Every prospect goes through this system of pre-qualification.  


In order to find the 3-5 real buyers for your business you will need to reject 97 prospects that will not buy your business. We then use these 3-5 real buyers to bid the price of your business up to maximum value. By using our proprietary technologies and systems were able to present to you only the most qualified buyers that are capable to close a deal AND run your business successfully.  

6) Close the deal

Once your business is in-contract we guide you and the buyer through the maze of obstacles that can derail your sale. We work with all the parties involved to remove contingencies and successfully close the largest and most important transaction of your working life! After the transition period you move on the the next phase of your life in style and comfort. 

About Blue Collar Way 

Business & Real estate sales

Donald Ray Wilson

Business Intermediary

Donald Ray Wilson (Don) has started, bought, built, and sold ten business over a recent fifteen year period with annual revenues in the millions and profits in the hundreds of thousands. At one time he had seven retail locations operating with over 100 employees of which he led through his team which included his Son and ultimately his business partner. In each business many lessons were learned through what Don has coined the…try…fail…learn (TFL) strategy aka “the school of hard knocks”. These businesses were in financial services brokerage, mall-based retail, multi-unit franchised BBQ restaurant chain, gas station convenience store, multi-family, and commercial real estate with the final business an award-winning specialty remodeling company.

Don started with nothing; no fancy degree, no formal education just a burning desire to be somebody. It was at age 19 he realized that he needed a skill that he could use to have a chance at the American Dream. Since he lived and worked in Tulsa, Ok. he noticed that the men that were doing well financially were employed at American Airlines working on aircraft. With the goal clear in his mind he joined the US Navy to obtain the training that he would need to become a licensed Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic for American Airlines.


This journey took more time than he planned but ultimately, he obtained his license and was hired by American Airlines after serving in the US Navy for ten years. The time spent in the US Navy was not wasted and Don was no slacker, earning rapid promotions through the ranks by excelling at every job that he was selectively placed in, he was highly regarded by the officers and men of every command he served in. While at American he became one of the top Idea men at the airline earning thousands of extra dollars by identifying ways to salvage aircraft components that were beyond repair. Through these efforts he was awarded the “Ideaa’s in Action Leadership Award” every year while employed at the airline.

It was during this time that Don realized no matter how much money he saved the company his job was not safe and his income opportunity was dictated by people who only looked at him as a number, #318034 to be exact and a line item on a report. His new goal was now to be a business owner, the boss where no one could ever put their thumb on his neck and tell him what to do and how much he could earn! His results are and have been extraordinary. Today Don is financially independent living the American dream in southwest Florida. He is currently writing a book which details step by step what he did and how you can do the same.

If you are serious about selling your business now, you will not find a more knowledgeable, results driven, hands-on business intermediary than Don Wilson, period! He has done what your wanting to do and he has been extremely successful at it multiple times.


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